Creating Engaging Posts | Social Media Done Right… the New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 6

Wait!  All the effort, the posts, the work… where are the results?  Why aren’t people “liking, loving, sharing”?  Or maybe it’s just the same 5 or 6 people, three of which live under your roof, two work in your office and then theirs that last one that you have never met before but they seem to like every post you put up within seconds.  So what exactly is the key, the magic formula?  How do we take our everyday average post, and turn it into something that people are going to engage with?  Folks, engagement is the name of the game.

In this months article, we are covering the tips that make your everyday average post something that everyone is talking about.  First things first, let’s talk about, identify and ultimately define “engagement”.

Engagement is participation, it’s involvement and ultimately, it’s creating a meaningful connection, in this case, to our social media audience.  What’s vitally important to understand and remember is that this world of social media is one where everyone has an audience.  As we understand this as truth, we can decide to formulate a brand based on this knowledge.  This is where your awareness of who your audience currently is, as well as who you wish them to be, becomes important.  Identifying who your audience currently is can be more simple than expected.  In it’s simplest form, your audience consists of those that are most often seeing, liking and commenting on your posts.  Notice I didn’t say sharing.  Most often, people don’t share the posts they “like”, more so, people share posts they find humorous or helpful.  We will work on increasing shares as we progress with this topic, but for now, let’s focus on identifying our current audience and further developing our future audience.

If you’ve never done so before, it’s a great idea to go through your last few weeks of posts and see who is engaging, what times they are engaging and what style post they are most engaging with.  The purpose here is to always be testing, in doing that we must remember to analyze the data.  Ultimately, we should be able to identify the current audiences primary motivations.  Doing this allows us to plan future posts that will encourage the current audience to continue to engage while making sometimes small, and occasionally major adjustments to posting style.  Focusing on helpful and humorous, while maintaining your brand and feel will increase the public perception of your post being sharable.

Tip: One of the easiest ways to develop a new audience is by having your current audience share your content.  This allows you to be seen in entirely new spheres.  When your content is good, more shares are made and more doors are opened.

Another great way to increase engagement is to simply ask for it.  Not once, not twice, but throughout the post of your content, be it text, video or photo.  Important here is to be consistent with asking for the share.  Every post you’d like shared should include a call to action encouraging the share.  After a time, your audience should feel like it’s normal to share the content you post.

Next, think comments and groups.  Covering in reverse order, as you post content with more intention, you’ll find that there are social media groups that fit perfecting with your content.  Take the initiative, join those groups and share your posts.  Always include a call to action with your post.  Remember, encourage engagement, receive engagement.  With the intention, the consistency, the style and the timing of your posts, and ultimately the engagement you’ll receive, it’s very important the remember that you are not a robot.  What do I mean?  Posting alone isn’t enough.  Engagement requires and deserves engagement.  When someone “likes, loves or shares” a post, thank them, when someone comments on a post, always comment back.  Never miss this opportunity.  The likes and loves are great, the shares are masterful, a conversation is algorithm jackpot!  Want to see your posts go viral, encourage shares and conversation through comments.

Tip: If you find it hard to get people to comment on your content, start looking for influencers and comment on theirs.  Create a relationship of support and watch them do the same.

With that, we will bring this article to a close.  There is a bunch of information for you to think about, review and activate.  In our next article, we are going to cover how exactly you can identify those social media influencers that would be very helpful in building your social media presence and in turn your business.  We will also discuss adding value to your audience, the “Four F’s”, adding friends and celebration!

Also, we will discuss the timeline to harvest.  Often this is the catchall, misaligned expectations are something that can kill your motivation to continue sharing.  We will be sure to set a proper benchmark of expectation.

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