How to Stay Consitent on Social Media | Social Media Done Right… the New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing – Part 4

By now you’re a regular “Social Media Superstar”, right?  Let’s recap, let’s recap how you’ve gotten here.  First it was “The Big 3”, you learned what they are, pros and cons, audience types, key content styles for each, and more.  From there, we moved to never split the difference, key standards in the type of content you choose to post and equally as important, not post.  We discussed engagement and how to ask for it, market share as it relates to the best times to post on each of the major platforms and the importance of being truly authentic in your content.  Next, we covered the common misconception of real-time posts.  The idea that content should be gathered and decimated amongst the appropriate platform at a time that’s best for you, as opposed to stressfully searching for pictures, video, and text to post at each frantic turn.  What the right real-time content is and when it’s best to share.

With all of this, we turned our focus towards consistency in our posts.  Ultimately creating a brand for yourself online that becomes synonymous with your intention.  All this lead to us discussing the importance of “Video First Marketing” on social media.  In fact, we even shared 5 informative topics that you could use to jump-start your video marketing campaign.

So what’s next?  How do we convert all of this information, this knowledge to actual results-driven posts, the kind that creates brand awareness that keeps you top of mind with clients and ultimately opens up their sphere to your content?  Now that you have the content down, it’s about systems.

As many of us know already, systems matter.  Identifying and consistently implementing the proper systems almost surely lead to the success we are all hoping for.

When you think about your video, first comes production.  Noting content, storyboarding scene ideas, choosing a shoot location, scheduling talent, all of this falls into the realm of production.  Before anyone goes overboard or feels like they’re already in the deep end without a life preserver.  Allow me to give you a basic example of each of these steps:

• Noting Content – Choose from one of our 5 video ideas from our last article

• StoryBoard Scene Ideas – Draw 6 boxes and put a single word in each that describes what you want that particular scene to convey.

• Choosing a Shoot Location – Where are you most comfortable?  Shoot there!

• Scheduling Talent – Go to the closest mirror, look yourself dead in the eyes, and hire yourself!

See?  While this is technically a production, it does have to be a “production”.  Everything we are going to cover can be done with an entire crew, or a simple smartphone and gimbal.

So what’s next?  We are still in prep mode, on the day you shoot your video you’ll need to be sure to take 3, fun, almost goofy photos of yourself, these are going to be used later to promote your video the week it’s released.  And next, Ready! Set! Go!  It’s time to shoot. 

Tip: Don’t overthink it.  Whether your video is going to be shot selfie-style or someone will be shooting for you, don’t overthink it, smile and dive in.

Alright, your video is shot, edited (if you’re absolutely terrible at editing or maybe you don’t know the first things about it, visit and hire someone for a few bucks to edit it for you) and ready to share with the world. 

Now it’s time for your release schedule:

Monday is where you focus on slow releases.  First, upload your video to your youtube channel, be sure to create a playlist if you haven’t yet and add your video to it.  Next, embed the video on your personal website, remember, for SEO purposes, embedding your video on your website is going to help in driving traffic to your site.  Next step, transcribe your video text and turn it into a blog ( is a great site to host your blog, check out mine for example at  After all that, it time to schedule your video to go out to your email list.  Remember, we are scheduling, not actually sending.  Create a unique, eye-catching email and schedule your video to go out on Tuesday morning at 615AM to your sphere.

From here, we are ready for the explosion of activity that is Tuesday through Friday.  And that folks are for our next article.  We will cover exactly what to do to maximize exposure of your video during the week, increase views, track views, have people sharing your video and receive positive comments.  Oh, and don’t forget, we will go over exactly what those photos you took are for.

Happy creating!

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