More Video First Marketing | Social Media Done Right… the New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 5

And then came on Tuesday! 

As we continue with our release schedule we will hit the basics, step by step.  We will knock out the action plan for Tuesday through Friday and how to most continue getting your content out in a manner that maximizes exposure.

If you recall, Monday was about the “slow-release”, issuing content essentially all in prep for what will flow to the public during the rest of the week. Tuesday lends to that same concept, only now we are beginning to initiate our initial releases.

First, using your email marketing platform, I use MailChimp, create and save a template email that you will use for your video releases.  Drop-in this months video and send away.  Note:  your videos should be sent to your entire network, not just those you feel most comfortable sending too.  Often times I’m told things like, “I don’t know if this person or that person is right to see me on camera.”, or something like “Do I really want to send the video to ‘so and so’? they are not really the one I’m targeting in this video.”

Remember, the person you are targeting is going to watch because they have an interest.  It’s important not to pass judgment, in turn making the decision for them.  Also, know that while everyone may not have interest in your video topic this go-round, a couple of things happen when they receive your video.  If it is created and produced well, they will often time identify your attention to detail and creativeness, in turn having the opportunity to associate that to your ability and style of selling their home.  Additionally, depending on the topics of your videos, and ultimately your “Anchor Show”, potential clients will gain further trust in the idea that you are the authority in real estate sales.  Also, many people will know someone that will relate and benefit from your video, and that leads to sharing of your video, ultimately increasing your indirect sphere of influence.

Your next step is to post your video to your Facebook Business Page and initiate a “Boost”.  We typically do a $20 Boost and increase it if the video becomes and Unicorn.  We tag and share to the pages of any video participants and share in all relevant Facebook Groups.  We’re always conscious of our video thumbnail, ensuring that it is exactly as we would like it to be, ensuring that it pulls in the potential viewer, rather than looking to them like every other video out there. 

Both the email and the Facebook Boost should be completed at 615AM.  This is something that you would have set up on Monday during prep phase.

Next, share the Facebook post from your business page to your personal page.  Remember, in almost all cases, your personal page is going to give the video more traction and views then your business page.

From here we move into Wednesday through Friday, remember, this is a release process intended on building your brand and your brands’ connectivity to your clients.  For that reason, it is very important that you reach as many as possible and complete all parts of the release plan.

What you will find is that the plan for Wednesday through Friday is going to be the same each day, it is the content that changes.  First, you’re going take one of the promo videos that you shot and, at 9 AM, you’re going to post to your Instagram Story.  It’s important that you include the following text, “Quick! Turn Your Sound On!”, above the video, and “Watch Now!  Swipe Up!” below the video.  This small addition is vital as you are dealing with limited attention span and Instagram doesn’t automatically play videos with sound on, capturing peoples attention on their initial view is vital.  Remember that posting the text isn’t enough, be sure to actually link your primary video to the short promo video by adding the link to your story.  What this will do is when someone watches your story, they will see a “Swipe Up” text at the bottom of your promo clip, placed by Instagram, and when they do, they will automatically go to your video.  Note: It is important that when you link your video, you do it with a link so that you can track the progress and clicks coming from the Instagram Story.

Next step is that you post the same promo video to your Instagram Wall, this is not the same as your story.  For this, you are simply going to add the following text to your post, “ New Video!  Don’t Miss Out!  Click the Link Now! Link In Bio!” or some fashion of that post.  Be sure to update your Instagram bio link with the link to your video.

Next, you’ll move to Facebook and create a similar post to your Facebook Story, a similar post to your facebook wall as you created for your Instagram wall, be sure to tag anyone that is in the video or had anything to do with the videos creation, and from there, your Facebook business page.  The nice thing about FB is that you are able to place the link directly into your post, so there is not an extra step for people to do, as there is when on Instagram. 

The next step is to repeat with similar posts to your LinkedIn and Twitter pages, and from there, your 9 AM posts are complete.

Your next post is going to come at 4 PM.  These posts will be very similar to what you did for your 9 AM posts, however, you are now going to post one of your Quote Cards rather than a Promo Video.  Simply follow the same steps for each platform, on each day, subbing in a different quote card on each day.

And there you have it, your complete system on how to accurately and effectively release video content, maximizing exposure, creating brand awareness and further solidifying yourself as the industry expert.

A tip that I’ll share regarding the week of posts is that it’s important to sequence into your posts, things that are not real estate related.  You are going to be posting a lot of different, yet similar content on the weeks of your releases and it is important that people both keep tabs on your content but also remember that you are a real person.  So what do you sub in?  Between your 9 AM and 4 PM posts?  Food, fashion, fitness, and family.  All of these topics remind people that you are human, you are more than a real estate machine.  All of these topics keep you keep people interested in your posts and allow you to not be tuned out.

Next month we shift gears, it’s all about improving post visibility, the importance and benefits of Likes, Comments and Shares, as well as a topic that I’m often asked about, Personal Page v. Business Page, which should you have and why.

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