The Completion of the Four F’s, Friends and Celebration | Social Media Done Right… the New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 10

Here we are at the end of the Four F’s, Friends and Celebration.  As we cover the root of our last F’s, Fitness and Family, we will spend some time focusing on examples of how to execute strategic posts, as well as focus a fair amount of attention on how with a focus on nothing more than these topics, you can build your real estate brand into a “Top of Mind” machine.  Let’s dive in.

Fitness: is unique, it can make you look like a goofball, but also, it can offer the opportunity to proclaim to the world that you’re living your best life with a health focus through more than just fad diets and awkward gym pictures.  Instead, this topic gives you the unique opportunity to blend much of what we’ve learned in previous articles.  The incredible opportunity to highlight friendships, businesses, locals, foods, instructors, fitness regimens and so much more.  Let’s have a go at it.

The Don’t Do This Example:

Gym video/photo, lifting weights while your phone is propped up on a dumbbell, and you’re wearing a muscle shirt tank top.

Do This Example:

A photo with your Robeks 800 lb. Gorilla Smoothy sitting on the railing with a backdrop of your gyms sign with text like this… “#Robeks 800 lb. Gorilla, #24HourFitness and all the will power of the #GreenLanternCorps.  I’m staying healthy so that when it’s time to run with you to the finish line of buying/selling your next home, I’ll be ready.”

Follow that up with an IG & FB Story post that is the same thing, but at a Quiz option that says… “What are you doing to stay healthy? a. Yoga b. Gym c. Walking d. Nothing :-(“

Remember, you’re going to be sprinkling in very deliberate posts about real estate in your feed, but it’s important to be someone people engage with, people watch, people are entertained by.  Posts like these will help you do just that.

Family: is arguably the best of all the F’s.  Simply put, who doesn’t love a picture of your baby mid crawl, your pup tearing up the couch, your kid’s midwater balloon fight, your loving spouse on the grill or relaxing on the deck?  The key, the vital component, show appreciation whenever sharing family, and invite others to engage.

The Don’t Do This Example:

A Bedazzled photo of your family in the local Sears store with a brick background and matching outfits.

A post rambling on and on about how your teenage son or daughter got into trouble, all the while putting down their teachers and hoping others chime in.

These posts do nothing for your brand but make it something that you don’t want it to be.  Yes, you relate to others, but in the worst way.  Yes, you are top of mind, but again, in the worst way.

Do This Example:

Take any of the examples I shared about family, turn it into a beautiful photo, a video, or a boomerang.  Add text like… “My heart.” or, “Summer is officially here!  What are you and the family doing to celebrate?  Drop a photo in the comments!  The best picture gets a custom yeti cup!”

Post like these create engagement, allow others to feel good about their family, and offer you an opportunity to subtly add in a real estate twist.

That’s it, the Four F’s, food, fashion, fitness, and family, as well as celebration and friends.  You’ve got them all, as well as great examples of what to and not to do.  Now it’s time to act.  Remember, all the preparation in the world won’t yield results until you begin to put the action behind the desire.  So start posting, follow the tips and yield your harvest, your brand, become the agent on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  The agent that everyone in your sphere immediately thinks of when given the opportunity to talk anything real estate.

Create a strong online presence and integrate real estate specific posts within each platform that suits the purpose of the specific platform.  Ultimately, you will begin to organically grow your following and your client base, all while expanding your sphere and creating engagement.

Important:  Nothing you are doing here is aimed at creating new business in the next 24 hours.  The entire purpose is to create long term trust and authenticity, share knowledge and create a place where people can come for constant information, education, and entertainment.  You will not see a harvest in 24 hours!  Stay focused, constant and continue to share great content.

See you next month!

Have questions, a topic you’d like to learn more about?  Email [email protected] with the subject CRP Article Topic and we will work on fitting it in.

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