Branding is Vital. Study this Craft! | Social Media Done Right… the New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 12

We are back and the tables have turned, the market has seen a bit of a shift, discount brokers, referral programs, strategic partnerships, they are all in full force, and for Real Estate Agents, there has never been a more important time to focus on BRANDING.

In a space where all traditional training is typically centered on real estate law, rules, regulations, protecting clients and customers, and overall deal-making strategies, it can be easy to allow branding to fall by the wayside.

So what is branding?  How does it come into play?  Why is it so important?  And what can you do, as a real estate agent, to ensure that your brand is one that your tribe is connecting with?

Branding is defined as “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.”  With that, we must ask ourselves a series of important questions.  First, what is our product?  Well, I would say that our product is not a thing, but a who, we are the product.  Yes we are selling properties, and one may argue that the property is the product, but it is important to remember the context to which we are speaking.  In this sense, we are not talking about selling, where what we are selling, the house, could be considered the product.  In this context, we are talking about branding, and despite the beliefs of many, selling and branding are not the same things.

The easy way to declutter our ideas of each is to see selling as the act of creating an opportunity and result that allows for one party to take ownership of something in the exchange for some sort of concession.  Selling is what we do when we want a transfer.  Branding, however, is very different.  Branding is the act of creating an almost invisible buffer around yourself that pulls people in that typically share the same or similar values, beliefs, thoughts and/or morals, as well as other attributes, as you in turn, branding creates trust.  Transfer and trust are not the same.  For the sake of this article, we will discuss branding, creating trust.

We stated that branding is the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.  And we discussed briefly the difference between selling and branding, with branding or trust-building, our primary focus.  However, when we read the definition above, it is vitally important to pay close attention to the second half of the definition, “by means of advertising and distinctive design”.  With so much that can be shared regarding these two topics, let’s discuss the part that is distinctive design, with tips for advertising coming in our next article.

Take note of the distinctive design that you are sharing with the world, with your tribe.  This is what either sets you apart from the masses or lumps you in with the crowd.  That being said, it is crucial that we find ways to create and market your brand, your distinctive design, in turn garnering trust.  When creating your brand, remember, you are always on display, you are always on the clock, someone is always watching.  Now you may think it is exhausting to create a brand, but remember, you already have one.  You have been creating your distinctive design since the very first day you showed up on earth.  The significant difference through the stages of life happened when you were able to decree what way you wanted people to see you.  Creating an environment where your actions are seen in the light you want them to be is very important.  It isn’t exhausting building a brand, simply be who you want others to see.  If you want people to see you as the road rage queen, drive through your town screaming and honking at every car that makes one move you don’t like.  If you don’t want to be seen in such a way, smile, way, and mouth, “It’s okay.”  Either way, you are building a brand, one simply is that which will keep you on a good foot when you happen to run into that person again, in turn, possibly building your business.

So how do you establish the brand you have always wanted?  A few simple things:

• Define the brand you wish to create.

  • Be the best version of yourself.  Health, both physical and mental.
  • Study the market and your completion, always be capable of adding value to a situation.  Watching those that are already doing it is a great way to create a baseline for your brand.
  • Give everything away.  Don’t just share in life and on social, the things that highlight you as a real estate agent.  Instead, highlight life.  Highest the good, bad and the ugly.  Talk about your journey, record it, share it, scream it from the mountain tops.  You would be surprised how many people grab hold of your brand when they see it as something relatable.

Lastly, one final tip, be “Authentically Empathetic”.  This is more than just being “real”.  This is being you, as you were meant to be.  This is understanding and expressing the hearts of others.  Be willing to put yourself out there, mind and heart alike, sharing your true journey and relating to the journey of others.  Never pass judgment on the situation others are in, instead, empathize with their situation.  Note that I am not saying take pity on them, but rather understand them and be the issue solve, be the solution.

You want to be “the” brand, be “the” answer.

We will see you on the next one.  Be loved, be well, be your best.

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