Content | Social Media Done Right… the New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 13

Picture this, you’re at the Maryland Realtors Annual Convention, fortunate enough to teach two classes, one focused on the basics of Social Media Marketing, the other an all intensive on Branding in Todays Real Estate Climate.  You’re prepared, class is full, everyone seems intent on learning, engaging, creating, and growing.

As you proceed, in both classes, you begin to realize that the same question, concern, comment, seems to come up, over and over again.  Each time in a bit different a manor, but the same resounding concern, none the less.  Well, this was exactly what happened to me at this years convention.

What was the question?  What topic did we seem to continue to circle back too, over and over again?  Content!  No matter how many ways we covered it, the connection between our business and the content that will grow our business seemed to be the hardest thing for people to connect.

I do realize that for some, deciding what content to post seems like second nature, but the fact is, for the masses, it’s the furthest thing from simple.  So let’s put together a very basic building block.  First, if you’ve been reading each month’s articles, you know that there has been a lot of content, as well as content ideas sprinkled throughout each article.  Taking all of the lessons, tips, tools and direction can lead to a very strong social media presence for even the most non-tech savvy person, but the fact remains, it all still takes thought, and some degree of awareness.  For one reason or another, be it insecurity, lack of ability, not knowing where to start, not believing in yourself or your content, or any other reason, many still feel cold, and without direction.  So, what do we do?  New to social media, a social vet, young or old, what do you do when all else seems to be failing you on the social media front?  My solution, my go-to… journal the journey.  Yes, journal the journey.  Open yourself up, share the ups, the downs, the good and the bad.  Allow yourself to be unapologetically you.

Taking this brash step will allow you to share with the world the journey you are on.  It will invite others to take each step with you, to be a part of your success and failures alike.  Ultimately creating a cheering squad for your success.  A group of people rearing for your to win, a tribe.

Now there are a couple of quick things to remember if you choose to take this path of social journaling.  First, there are ways to make one piece of content steam across multiple platforms, do it.  Share on all the major platforms that you are currently focusing on, but share in a manner to which the platform excels.  Second, go all in!  There is no half-assing it!  If you are going to commit to the journey, and more importantly, ask others to commit, you must go all-in, giving, sharing and opening up entirely.  And third, don’t talk shit, talk about!  What does this mean?  It means, when you win, win with honor and humility.  That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t scream your success from the mountain tops, but rather to say that you should scream it from the mountain tops while giving praise to those that had a part in helping you succeed.  At the same time, being willing to receive praise just the same.

Bottom line, get creative, have fun, go all in, be true to yourself, serve your clients and peers, and more of all, journal the journey.  Here’s to your all-in win!

We will see you on the next one.  Be loved, be well, be your best.  This is Real Estate Done Right!

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