A Better Way to Time Block | Social Media Done Right… the New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 14

The year has flown by; projects have stacked up, others have been knocked out. The anticipation of what’s to come is seemingly always lingering over your head. And now, how? How are you going to do it all? Closing the year strong, keeping up with family, the holidays, business, expectations? From closings to new clients, showings to listing appointments, inspections, tours, all of it, the year has flown by in seemingly a blink of an eye.

We’ve covered so much, from basics, plans, the how to’s, as well as the not to’s, we’ve done so much. At this point, for many, with only the best intentions leading into 2020, the common question is, “how do we do it all?” How do we manage to put it all into place and make it work for us? With that, in this article, we cover “Time Blocking.”

Time Blocking can be the saving grace for those of us that feel as though we are drowning in contracts, showings, addendums, conference calls, inspections, closing schedules, random questions, continuing education, networking events, and so much more. Not to mention the fact that we haven’t even hit upon family time, activities, dinners, homework, relaxing evenings that we have all more than earned, and then there’s marketing! With all there is to do, at any given time, in this crazy fun world of real estate, with changes to our industry seemingly every other week, we are in the age and stage of brand being everything.

So how do we do it? How do the uber-successful manage to manage it all and still present an intriguing brand that calls for engagement and encouragement from the masses, while remaining authentic?

Last month we hit on journaling the journey, this month, time blocking is the answer to getting it all done.

What exactly is time blocking? Am I saying you should plan every minute, to the minute, with no option for variation? No way! Time blocking is what makes it all come together. Time blocking isn’t the stress creator; it’s the author of confirmation. When a person appropriately time blocks, they should find that a couple of important things happen:

  1. Permission: Time blocking permits you to focus. Giving 100% of you to that moment, that time, that activity, that particular mission.
  2. Freedom: Time blocking gives you the freedom to not feel guilty. It eliminates the moments when you wonder if you should be somewhere else, doing something else. It allows you to be where you are, unapologetically.
  3. Confidence: There is an absolute power that comes with knowing you are accomplishing all those things that were once a scattered mess. With accomplishment, comes confidence.
  4. Appreciations: Sitting back and taking it all in, whether it be for a moment, in the moment, at the end of each block, or as you close your day. Feeling accomplished, appreciating your efforts, and sharing your victories is food for the soul. Time blocking, when done correctly, can give you all of this.

So what’s the correct way to time block? For me, it starts with a list of the critical, big-ticket items. What’s vitally important is that you do not separate work, for family, from life. Vitally important is just that, vital. When we begin to separate the work from life, attempting to create the ever so elusive, “work-life balance,” that’s when we give away our power of control.  

So list out the vitals. Next, ask yourself what the frequency of your time block will be. Meaning, are you blocking for a day? A couple of days? A week? A month?

Next, decide how many “major” blocks you intend to include in a single day. Once you know this, what are they? Assuming you have four blocks in your day, name them. Sleep? Family time? Art? Logical based work? Create your time blocks to fit your schedule, not appease others; this is a trap we tend to fall into when thinking of all the things we want/need to accomplish.

Once you have your major block, think about whether or not you want to add subsections to each, if so, fire away. If not, work within the title of each block for each alotted time.

By now, this is probably seeming a lot easier than expected. The truth is, it’s simple to create; it’s not so easy to stick too. That’s why, before explaining how to time block, we discussed why and what it will do for you. When your working, work, when you’re with family, be with them, when you’re giving time to yourself, be present. That’s it, be present, and be your best in all things that you are committing too. “Where you are, there you are.” Everyone, and everything, including yourself, mostly yourself, deserve you at your happiest, least stressed best. Time blocking can help to create that for you.

We will see you on the next one. Be loved, be well, be your best. This is Real Estate Done Right!

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