Your Regular, Consistent Content Posting Plan | Social Media Done Right… the New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 8

Here we are, the season in full swing, the market moving, buyers and sellers seemingly happy as deals are struck, and you, running your race, dominating your space, or at least aiming too. 

For months you’ve read articles, this one and others alike, you’ve scoured through youtube videos, watched others in the industry as they’ve to lead the way in video and social media marketing.  Still, you’ve delayed, for one reason or the other to find your niche in video and social media marketing.  You’ve figured what you don’t want to do, even who you don’t want to be, and that’s okay, because the reality is, we are all different and will show differently to our clients and sphere, but we must activate, press go.

Or maybe you’re the agent we just referenced.  You’ve been running with every tip, you’ve been focused and planting seeds.  Over the past few months you have noticed a substantial increase in social activity, but now, what’s next?  It seems hard to continue to develop content, to know what your clients and sphere want and will connect with most.  You’ve even begun to track analytics but simply need to identify the best content for your space, content that will allow you to stay consistent and relevant.

No matter where you fall in the examples shared above, this article will help you to both get off the ground with a plan to post relevant, consistent content, as well as to up the ante with focused, directed material that will remove some of the wonders of “what’s next”.  So as you learn what actually is next, fill your posts with these key win points and find that your content will become, while still real estate related, more authentic and credible.

The Four F’s, Friends and Celebration.

You’re probably thinking, Friends and Celebration, I get it, Phil, but what are the Four F’s?  Well, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s understand that there is more to posting then simply throwing up a post.  Each message, each post, each share has got to have intention and purpose.  A pointless post is just that, pointless.  Always aim to reach someone with your content, always aim to connect.

Let’s cover Celebration, then Friends, and next I’ll share with you what the Four F’s are.  All of these will include an example of how you can take events, moments and experiences, and turn them into engaging social media posts, ultimately touching your sphere and client base in one way or another.

Celebration:  You’ve accomplished something, you’ve worked hard, you’ve reached the peak of this mountain we call success.  Now what?  Celebrate!  Too often we as successful salespeople work our tales off only to accomplish a goal and simply move on to the next.  Taking time to celebrate is vital, not just important, it’s vital.  Celebration, gives time to reflect and appreciate your efforts, ultimately allowing you to decompress.  You earned it, celebrate!

With that, understand that your celebration, while yours, isn’t simply and only for you.  This celebration belongs to every person that had a hand in, on, and around your goal or accomplishment.  So what do you do?  Scream it from that mountain top!  But scream it for them, not for you.

The Don’t Do This Example:

I just accomplished… I’m beyond happy about it!  I can’t believe it!  This is amazing!  I’m so proud of myself.

Do This Example:

Thank you!  Thank you to… And of course… So and so have been and continue to be amazing!  Today, due to the efforts of all these amazing people, today we…

The difference is clear, the difference is in the “give”.  Through giving the celebration away, through screaming it from the mountain tops, through sharing in authenticity, you do more than post about something you did, instead, you reach the hearts and minds of all that see your post.  And might I add, because you tag each person that you have given and/or shared the credit with, you unwittingly enter into their sphere as well.

Friends:  Just about all of us have friends, right?  And with those friends, we experience life, some of us more than others, but the key when it comes to sharing on what we will call the “Friend Scale” is the invite.

When exploring, experiencing, living each day with those that have built a connection with you and are a part of your life, share these experiences through social media.  Where it be a post, a picture or the absolute best, that’s right, you know it, video!  No matter what method you use, share the experiences, but as you may have guessed, the way you share is equally, if not more important than what you share.

The Don’t Do This Example:

I and my besties are enjoying a night on the town. or. Good friends, enjoying good food.

Do This Example:

Tonight we are out, we are enjoying the company of great friends, both old as well as new.  We are at… chatting and reflecting about the past, even more exciting, planning and dreaming of the future.  Great people, great friends, great future.  Join us, this time or next, you’re a part of it all.

What this message does is adds a sense of beauty to your time out, invites others to be a part of the evening or the next, lifts up those that you are out with (remember to tag them), and, for the super savvy reader, did you catch what we did?  We mentioned where we are, tagging the location, the restaurant, wherever we are, in turn opening the door for their entire client base to see this post as well as future posts.

It’s also important to note that it appears there isn’t anything wrong with the first example, except that our goal is to invite people in, to engage them and in turn they themselves, on their own accord choose to continue to engage with you and your content.  Over time, through your unique posting style, your informative messages, your sense of enjoyment, people will look to know what you’re doing, they will follow you and all the while keeping you top of mind in the world of real estate.  Remember, you’re still constantly posting real estate.

So what’s next?  The Four F’s, no more suspense, at least until our next article.  The plan is to share with you the Four F’s and how to use them.  As well as to give you an example of a full posting sequence for both IG and FB.  And of course, harvest season.  It’s vital to understand the timing of your reward for all of this hard work.

See you on the next one!

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