The Four F’s | Social Media Done Right… the New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 9

In our last article, we opened the door of Celebration and Friends, the ability to take alluring moments in life, friendships both new and old and create engaging social media posts, touching, moving and collaborating with your sphere and client base.  These subtle shifts to content, the intentional thought that behind what for many would have been a thoughtless post, are all parts of what will further develop your content, increase your reach and ultimately create further trust and belief in you, by your sphere as the “go-to” in this new age of real estate sales.

As we continue on this path, as promised in our previous article, we will expand on our social media content with the Four F’s.  So what are the Four F’s?  If you’ve been reading our past articles, you may have caught me mentioning them, they are food, fashion, fitness, and family.  Keeping with the same format of last months article, let’s dive in and discuss the key parts and best practices in sharing the Four F’s across different social media platforms.

Food: Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve got the pallet of a small child who’s only got a taste for chicken tenders, french fries and apple juice, so… chances are you’re not going to see too many posts from me with the most elegant and unique foods.  You may be just like me when it comes to eating, Plain Jane, boring food, or you may be what I’ll call my “foodie idol”, the type of person that will eat anything, go to any restaurant and order the most insane item on the menu and dive right in.  Either way, share!  Share your experience, the tastes, the flavors, the engagement with staff and other patrons, the ambiance, everything.  Invite people to feel your experience, more than just see your post.

The Don’t Do This Example:

[Picture of Food] or I love “Restaurant Name!”

Do This Example:

Restaurant Name, you’ve done it again!  Every time I’m here, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a quick take out order, it doesn’t matter, you outdo yourself.  Something about the feel, the food, the smiles, thank you for delivering a high-quality product, with great service from incredible people!

Include [Picture of Food]

This post offers an opportunity to do so much.  You’re hitting beauty, information, appreciation, credit and a lot more.  The point here is that you have lifted others up all while posting the photo of the delicious food that you aimed to post initially.  Also, you’ve done something we have spoken about in many articles, that is to increase the engagement of your content.  How?  By sharing such specific information, tagging the establishment, those that may work there, you have open the doors to them commenting, sharing, liking and more, but also, you have opened the door for their sphere to then see your content and follow you.  Ultimately making them your sphere.

Fashion: This one can be a dozy because who’s to say one person’s fashion is better than the others, but stay with me and I will show you how to get engagement from a simple fashion post.

The key here is to engage your audience with questions, and possible comparisons of your own fashion, not that of others.

The Don’t Do This Example:

Did you see so and so’s outfit on the Grammys?  Ewe! or Look at what this crazy person was wearing in the mall! [include Picture]

Do This Example:

I just picked out this new outfit for the (#Include the name of an event you are attending).  Don’t you love it?!

Another example would be…

We just picked up 2 new hats, which is your favorite?  I love the… [include pictures of both].

It’s so important that you include the hashtag and take the vendors as well as anyone you know that helped you so that you can connect your content with others attending the same events, be highlighted by the stores you frequent and continue to open the door to the opportunity for people you know as well as those you don’t to engage with your content.

Next up is Fitness and Fashion and that’s where we will pick up in our next article.  Both of these topics can create positive and negative reactions to your posts so it’s for sure going to be important that we share in a manner that lifts people up, highlights life doesn’t make you the person people don’t want to follow and actually shows your heart.  Remember that people love authenticity and honesty, real life.

So next month we will wrap up the Four F’s and open up the conversation about when to post what where and how often using these 6 topics we’ve covered.  We will look at how by posting constantly with no more than these topics, you will be able to develop a strong online presence that will flow into your real estate career by organically growing your following and in turn your client base.  And lastly, we will discuss just how long you’ll need to follow these steps before you will see your harvest.

See you next month!

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