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Your 15-year-old son, your teenage daughter, young millennials of all ages, middle-aged men and women, 70’s, 80’s even 90’s.  The barrier to entry in the world of social media has all but been eliminated, and for that reason, people of all ages, classes, colors, shapes, and sizes have flocked to their favorite social media sites, creating, editing, growing, developing and ultimately living out their lives one profile page at a time.

With the average person spending roughly 116 minutes a day on social media sites, whether updating their profile, perusing through countless feed updates or with eyes affixed to the newest baby dancing, cat jumping, trick shot making YouTube video, social media is here to stay.  With this knowledge in hand, how do Real Estate Agents, both hyper internet savvy, as well as the “Facebook Newbie” use the phenomenon that is the social media addiction to grow, better and develop their business?  Questions like these, as well as in-depth tips, lessons and Q&A’s,  are all part of what we aim to highlight in this and future articles.

Let’s start with the basics, your top social media sites, who is using them and what your “best practice” mindset should be.

First, it’s important to know what we will call, “The Big 3”.  Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.  These 3 sites are the most popular in the United States, all having their own set of pros and cons, and each having their own audiences, some times intertwining, but certainly all having their own following of committed users.  While there are certainly other platforms such as SnapChat, Periscope, Twitter and many more, “The Big 3” arguably dominate what is social media today.

Before we continue any further, it is certainly important to touch on the “elephant” in the article, Twitter.  Some would say the Twitter is a dominate force amongst social media platforms and should have its place in “The Big 3”.  I am actually inclined to agree with that statement, however, due to the almost forcibly busy nature of twitter, the amount of follower feeds, it’s limited post character count as well as other attributes, Twitter, in my opinion doesn’t serve the purpose of developing a Real Estate Agents business and serving clients in the most effective manner possible.

With that said, let’s delve into some “best practice” tips of each of our primary platforms.  The simplest formula is this:

Facebook = Information & Beauty: this means your posts should always fit these traits.  A gorgeous house, a rainy day, a celebration, an achievement, your newest listing (we’ll discuss the best way to announce your listings to your audience in future articles), family, a DIY article, or even a simple inspiring note.  Information and beauty are not only your best friends when it comes to Facebook, but they are also your Golden Rules!

Instagram = Beauty: oftentimes the mistake found on Instagram posts are twofold.  One, not enough time are taken on the “extra touches” before posting a photo.  Due to Instagram being a 100% photo/video platform, it is vital that you take time to edit your photos before posting.  I use the Camera+ App, import my photo, click the Clarity feature, tab into “The Lab” and increase sharpness by 50%.  Just like that, I now have a crystal clear photo with all the right highlights, shadows and focus.  Granted there are rare occurrences where those edits won’t fit the original lighting or picture quality, but more than not you will find that the extra 45 seconds creates a far more engaging photo, and in turn increases views, likes, view time, followers and ultimately the confidence people have in your brand delivering quality over quantity.  Remember, clients, want to feel that you’re going the extra mile in all facets of your business.

Next, the mistake of flooding your individual Instagram post with text.  Remember that your Instagram profile should be both engaging and beautiful.  Profile view time increases when your content is cohesive and enriching.

LinkedIn = Peer to Peer, and Peer to Client Validation:  Your LinkedIn account should highlight the contribution and industry knowledge, which oftentimes garners endorsement by colleagues.  In business, LinkedIn is seen as a “go-to” when aiming to create connection within your industry, ultimately further blossoming your potential to create industry credence.

With these tips, you have a good basis, a start, an initial guideline for creating a new, proofing an existing and further grow your social media profiles.  Take the time to review what you’re currently doing and begin what you’re not.  In the long run, the time you spend today critiquing your profiles will help you create a social media presence and brand, that clients are organically drawn to.

As we further explore social media done right, we’ll expand upon some of the key points mentioned here, as well as “Never Splitting the Difference”, “Facebook Business Page or Not”. Video First Marketing” and much more.

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