A Break From the Normal We Remember

The Gerdes Team April 9, 2020

A Break From the Normal We Remember

8 April 2020. Another day of a new, odd ordinary. Virtual this, virtual that, careful, cautious, distance. For weeks we’ve all been adhering to the voluntary quarantine, then the mandatory stay-at-home order. Essential or not, it seems the mass majority of us have accepted the truth, seclusion, at least from the normal we once knew. And yet, this amazing community, this adventurous, vibrant, problem-solving community, has banded together in ways many wouldn’t have been able to foresee. From virtual calls, masterminds, the sharing of ideas, safety tips, and more, we have banded together, at the highest levels to find a way to continue serving, guiding, and helping.

The question many have found themselves asking, amidst the back and forth of politics, opinions, truth, and exaggerations has been, what next? Where do we go from here?
Whether you are a single agent, a broker, a seasoned team leader, or managing your own office, which developing and growing a new team, like me, the answer, while layered in so many caveats, for me is simple, keep swimming. Keep moving forward. Continue to press the gas, hard, but not in all the ways many may think. You see, now, in this time of necessary cautiousness, the gas must be pushed on the pedal of servitude. Presence in our market, in this time, is vital, for when the smoke clears, when the clouds dissipate, it is those that made it about bringing calm during the storm that will, in my opinion, remain standing.
What we must remember though, is that we are all human, and for us all, it can be easy to fall into the trap of despair, negativity, and opinion. In an effort to help us all through the vital necessity to maintain our brand, even develop our brand into something more, here are a few tips.

Slow down. Everything doesn’t have to be done at super speed. Everything, right now, doesn’t need to be more than it is. Slow down, take it in; it is ok to feel.
Remember your job. We are here to guide our clients to their goals and dreams. Find a way to serve. A method that allows you to be comfortable, not based on what others are doing, but on what you are ok with doing.
Deliver value. Value is not money. Deliver value in your expertise, and deliver a lot of it. Go digital, record videos, go live, and the time of the optional video is over. In order to stay relevant, you must deliver valuable content to your sphere, pertinent to their needs.

It’s ok to be happy. Happiness is a choice, and you are allowed to be. I’ve found that there have been many that are hiding happiness, and celebration, all because they feel it may be an inappropriate time to show joy. As a reminder, it is never the wrong time to love, to show joy, to be happy. One of the most amazing things about our happiness in this industry is that it often stems from the success, the wins, and the dreams of others. Share the triumphs with the world, and make them about your love for your clients. The world will appreciate it.
Need the day, take the day. Or the minute, the hour, it doesn’t matter. For many of us, our business is not the only thing on our shoulders; we have families, health, friends, employees, and more, and quite frankly, sometimes we simply need to take the day.
Be your best. Many are relying on you, yes. For that reason, we must be our best; we must remain cautious and creative, safe and willing, able, and knowledgeable. Use this time to learn, become, or stay healthy and grow.
With all the talk over the past weeks, I and many others could go on and on with ideas, lessons, and more, but the fact is, you matter, and we matter. Find your comfort, don’t be led by fear, and create ways to connect, now more than ever connect.

Be well, stay strong, choose happiness, and, most of all, serve.
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