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A Different Take on Fake It Till You Make It! | Social Media Done Right… The New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 15

The Gerdes Team December 5, 2019

A Different Take on Fake It Till You Make It! | Social Media Done Right… The New Standard for Real Estate Agent Marketing | Part 15

Ready. Set. Go.
“Fake it till you make it!” Ugh, NO! 2020 is everything this phrase isn’t.
This year is about outgrowing the naysayers, out maneuvering the disrupters, outproducing the competition, and over-delivering on your promises; to you, your clients, and your family.
An ever-changing market requires an always-growing expert.
So how will you do it? Will it be through promises, pumping yourself up with motivational speeches, or mastermind groups? Or are you planning to hit massive action mode, by pouring massively into yourself? Coaching, lessons, reading, videos, all things education, even what it means you’ll have to invest financially. Along with all of this, how will social media play a role?
2020 is a year of development, not faking. Instead, it’s time to “Act as if.” What this means is that in an effort to grow, develop, and dominate, we’ve got to double down. Identify the things you want this year and think about who you would be, who you would show the world, what you would do, and how you would prepare. Recognize everything about the person that both deserves and can handle the amount of business you want; from there, make every decision based on who that person is. As much as you focus on getting business, focus on getting better. Go back, and look at what worked in 2019 as well as what didn’t. What should you apply to the new year, what should you stop? Have you put these ideas to the test? Have you given enough time to each? Think about all of this and further develop your 2020 game plan.
Once you’ve established the goals, plans, and processes, it’s time to get vocal. Not just through telling or sharing via social media, but by showing what you’re doing. One of the best things to do in any changing market is to develop your brand further. Brand matters more than ever. We have discussed it countless times, and it couldn’t be more accurate than now. All of the things we’ve discussed in past articles, it is vital that you are implementing, as you continue to develop and share your everyday.
Remember that this is about faking it. It’s about doing the things that winners do — the things that, while comfortable or not, take you from where you are, to where you want to be. Winners don’t pretend until it’s real, winners make it real, and then the rest see. You are a winner! Maybe you feel it every day; maybe you have never committed.
to winning before, but know this, you can win on your terms! Whatever it means to you.
Go back, prep, do the work, and see the results. Success isn’t a secret; it’s a system, a work ethic, a drive. It’s you.
We will see you at the next one. Plan to get technical. Plan to get gritty. Plan to learn some new skills to add to your 202 testings. Remember, love, be well, and be your best. We are Real Estate Done Right!
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